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Homemade Baked Churros & Chocolate Dip

churros 15
I made these for a girl’s night recently and they were a huge hit. They’re a nostalgic treat for  most people and this group was no exception. I used to love churros when I was younger and I remember thinking they were the coolest most delicious things ever (still do). When I entered middle school and found out they served churros in the cafeteria, I was thrilled. If only they served them with chocolate dip then…. [Read more…]

How I Get My Beauty Sleep


I used to think that I was a functioning insomniac. That may have been true in my college years (probably only in my mind though). Now, I need a minimum of 7 hours, preferably 8 or more to feel 100% recharged. All the make-up and products in the world can’t fake a good night of sleep. Trust me, I’ve tried. I might be able to conceal and brighten with all my might to come close, but definitely not my best look. When I’m tired, I don’t look or feel like myself. My brain is foggy and my make-up doesn’t apply the same way either. Above all, I am cranky. I’ve learned that quality sleep needs to be planned with a strategy. At least for me that is, otherwise I can putz around all night until the sun comes up. [Read more…]

Review: Essie Blossom Dandy


What do you get when you add a hint of light green to a happy shade of light blue? Blossom Dandy! This shade from Essie’s [Read more…]

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