Crave or Save


I’ve had my eye on the Chanel quilted boy flap for quite a while now but I’m still not prepared to make the pricey plunge.  Since I already own a classic flap in black, I’d prefer my next Chanel addition to be in another color. I tend to stick to neutrals especially when it comes to more long term commitments and would love to add a light beige one to my closet. I’m on the fence though because to be quite honest, I’m a little nervous about keeping it clean. I have a Michael Kors saffiano purse in white and despite my extra care, it has been victim to a few pen marks. (anyone know how to get that off?) I came across this one from Rebecca Minkoff recently and was impressed at it’s similarity for a fraction of the price. The hardware doesn’t look as expensive as the higher end designer but my other R.M. purses have held up quite well and are of great quality. Which one would you get? 

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