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freshsummercutsI spend the most time in the kitchen and these fresh summer blooms make me happy. 

cookiesThe best cookies in town are from King Street Cookies. My favorites are these three: red velvet, classic M&M, and spicy hot chocolate. The overall theme? Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!!


A beautifying book and fresh veggie and fruit plate I’ve been into lately. Dates stuffed with walnuts, hummus with an olive oil drizzle, and plump blackberries hit the spot as a pre or even post workout snack.

dogCreepy or cool? Okay, I admit the eyeballs are a little creepy, but I would still like a Chloe version of this sans the eyeball.


This Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in opal has been my favorite go-to highlighter this summer. It gives the perfect amount of natural looking glow and radiance.

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