DIY: Marble TV Tray Upgrade


Despite the fact that I have a a fully functioning desk, I still find myself migrating to the coach in the evenings with my laptop perched up on my lap to hang out with Will. I thought it would be nice to have a folding TV tray to hold snacks, laptops, etc. that is easier to reach than our coffee table, a whole 2 feet away. I initially fell in love with with this acrylic and gold one from CB2. I finally talked myself into the $149 price tag convincing myself that it was even pretty enough to leave out all the time. Then, I came across this super affordable one for less than $10. I prettied it up with some marble contact paper and it turned out great! I may still end up getting the one from CB2 one day, but maybe when I have one closer to me and I don’t have to pay another $20 in shipping and handling. For now I think this one will do just fine for what we need.



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