What do you really get in one bottle?

what you really get

I’m an avid collector and consumer of nail polish and have accumulated a rather embarrassingly excessive amount over the years. I heard about the Christian Louboutin nail polish line a while back when the original iconic red shade first made it’s debut into the beauty world. I stumbled across it again recently and was shocked/surprised at the hefty $50 price tag (that I somehow never noticed before). Nail polish prices range depending on the brand, but to this day, I have never seen one hit such a high record. I enjoy the occasional visit to the salon for a mani/pedi with girlfriends, but I usually prefer to do it myself at home. It saves money and I find the process to be quite soothing. This bottle had me questioning though, how do the different brands compare in cost per manicure? An average manicure uses about 0.5 mL of nail polish which can vary slightly depending on factors including nail size, length, quality of polish, etc. I broke down the price per mL of several popular brands in three different price categories to compare. With the average salon manicure costing about $15-20, even the Louboutin’s pricey polish appears to be a much financially smarter option with a manicure costing just a little over $2.

What do you think? Given the savings you get versus a professional job, would you splurge and treat yourself to a luxury option like the one by Christian Louboutin or Tom Ford? Or would you rather not practice your ambidextrous skills and leave the job to a professional?

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