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I’ve been in the market to update my gym wardrobe lately and posted all of my favorite workout wear here. I ran track and played tennis in high school and have been a runner for most of my life. Cardio has always come easy for me but strength training, not so much. I’ve been focusing on improving my strength training this year and have been really into barre and yoga classes lately. Still, it’s tough to stay motivated when it’s cold outside and all I want to do is curl up on my couch with Netflix. Aside from clothes, cute gym gear works as an effective incentive and gets me excited to keep working out so I can use it.

1. Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks: These socks are great for extra grip. As a bonus, it hides your toes if you err forgot to paint them.

2. Free People Elastic Printed Hair Ties: I love keeping these pretty bracelet like hair ties on my wrist. They don’t leave a dent in my hair making it ideal to use for light workouts when I know I won’t have time to wash and restyle my hair afterwards.

3. J.Crew Downing Tote: This tote is the perfect all-purpose bag. Whether I am running errands, going to the gym, or work, it looks chic and polished. These come in several colors including a really fun citron and is made of the softest leather that gets even softer with use. Use the attached wristlet to stash headphones, extra hair ties, or cash for the juice bar.

4. Frends with Benefits ‘Layla’ Headphones: These headphones not only provide great sound (to drown out that one person that is chatting away on her cell phone on the machine next to you) but look great as well. The caps are interchangeable so that you can change them out according to your mood.

5. Victoria’s Secret Sport Headband: I like to have all of my hair pushed back and up when I am working out. I have tried a lot of different types of headbands and none of the skinnier ‘no slip’ bands have worked. Instead they creep back slowly leaving an unattractive crimp in my hair. These VSX headbands come in a variety of colors and are thicker to avoid leaving that awkward dent.

6. Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes: I have a pair of Nike Free running shoes in a mint green color that I love but these black pair are so classic and will be my next sneaker purchase. It’s fun to have colorful pops of color on your feet at the gym but this black pair will work nicely with brighter outfits so that I don’t look like a walking highlighter.

7. Magic Carpet Yoga Mat: Aladdin is by far my favorite Disney movie so this instantly caught my attention. The designs on these mats are hand painted and printed resulting in a mat that provides both traction and visual appeal. I have hardwood floors in my living room so a good yoga mat comes in handy for when I don’t have time to make it to the gym and decide to follow a workout on youtube (blogilates and toneitup are two of my favorites.

8. Eucalyptus Towelettes: I love the scent of eucalyptus so these towelettes are right up my alley. I carry these with me all the time. They also come in a great lavender scent. Eucalyptus oil is naturally antiseptic so these towelettes are perfect for wiping my hands, face, or even my yoga mat after a work out.

9. S’well Water Bottle in Sparkling Champagne: This bottle is perfect for on the go and keeps your drink hot or cold. Perfect for the office, gym, or even the beach. I’ve also seen a smaller kids size at J.Crew that would be perfect for carrying in a purse.

10. bkr Heart Water Bottle: If it’s not apparent from the name of my blog, I have an affinity for hearts. This white one is chic and feminine and perfect for toting to your work out sesh.


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