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I showed you a peek into my living room last week so I thought I would share a little more of our home with you this week. Introducing, our dining nook! I think it is safe to say that the most challenging aspect of living in a condo is the space issue. For us, when we went from renting to purchasing our very own, we downsized a bit making space an even bigger issue. We packed our large dining room table away in storage for our next home and replaced it with this one that folds down when it is just the two of us. When it folds up into an oval table, it can actually seat about 6-8 people. There’s also a huge basket underneath that holds extra kitchen items like table linens and appliances. The wall that holds the wine shelf is pretty short and it was difficult to find a practical storage piece there that still looked good. This is actually a dresser that we have multi-purposed as a pantry and bar. We’ve fully utilized all of the space on the wall by adding shelves to finally take our wine glasses out of the boxes, hold wine bottles, and other items I change up from time to time.

Do you live in a condo? What’s your best space saving trick?dining1

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