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Cheap & Easy Way to Clean a Beauty Blender


If it weren’t for such a cult-like following this little pink sponge has managed to develop, I probably would never have paid the $20 for it. With that said, I love the finish it leaves on my skin but certainly did not want to spend even more money to keep this little guy clean. The cleaner that is sold for this product starts at $10 for 3 oz. Here’s a cheap and easy way to not only disinfect this lovely tool, but also restore it to a brand new state. You can also use this method to clean self tanning mitts. The only one it has not worked on for me is St. Tropez Tanning Foam. [Read more…]

Everyday Makeup Tutorial


Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you my everyday make up look and a tutorial on how to create it. I change it up from time to time but generally I like to stick with neutral shades on the eyes and pink on the lips. [Read more…]

Review: The Face Shop ‘Face It Aura CC Cream’

I absolutely love BB creams so when CC creams started hitting the market, I was definitely intrigued. I had a chance to pick up the ‘Face It Aura CC Cream’ from The Face Shop when I was in NYC a few weeks back. Since then I’ve had the chance to test it out and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you! Let’s dig in! [Read more…]
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