Review: The Face Shop ‘Face It Aura CC Cream’

I absolutely love BB creams so when CC creams started hitting the market, I was definitely intrigued. I had a chance to pick up the ‘Face It Aura CC Cream’ from The Face Shop when I was in NYC a few weeks back. Since then I’ve had the chance to test it out and wanted to share my thoughts on it with you! Let’s dig in!faceshopcccream9faceshopcccream5 faceshopcccream6 This CC cream comes in a sleek, pearlescent, pinky-beige compact which you can reuse and buy a refill cartridge for once you run out. It is a little unusual as it dispenses from the middle when you press a little button on the front. It’s a bit bulky but I don’t normally like to touch up my face make up throughout the day so it didn’t present much of a problem for me. faceshopcccream11faceshopcccream10From the outside, it looks just like my HERA compact cushion BB cream. It also comes with a sponge pad applicator that I think is pretty much useless. The packaging is innovative, but I would still have preferred a pump. Unlike the compact cushion, there really is no need for it to be packaged this way in my opinion since I end up applying it the same way I would a liquid foundation. There’s no way for me to gage how much product I have left. I’m just going to have to accept the fact that one day it’s just going to run out.faceshopccswatchesfaceshopcccream3On a first impression, this CC cream seemed so creamy and thick that I thought it would be moisturizing. WRONG! This isn’t going to work for you if you have dry skin. Unlike a lot of other Korean CC creams I’ve seen which is white and more of a lotion consistency, this one dispenses colored. faceshopcccream7Unfortunately since this is a Korean product intended for Asians, it only comes in 2 shades, light and lighter. I have 02 Natural beige which has yellow undertones. The other shade, 01 Radiant Beige is even lighter for very fair skin. It seems really light in color but it does blend into the skin nicely and gives a noticeable brightening effect to the skin. It looks very natural and clean and is a good option for the summer since it does have SPF 30 PA +++. The finish is slightly dewy and quite beautiful if you’re into that. But, if you want this to last longer than 5-6 hours, you’ll definitely want to set it with a powder. I like to use the Mac Mineralize SkinFinish (medium). You’ll be able to milk an extra hour or two of wear. This product provides cake-free buildable medium coverage and does a good job at concealing blemishes and redness. It does not cover up darker hyper pigmentation  and spots though so you will still want to use a concealer for that. As far as value goes, I’m sure the price varies depending on where you buy it. At the retail location in NYC, it cost me $39 before tax. Granted, the refill is about $20 so if I planned on purchasing the refill, it would be half the price. I found this to be quite expensive considering this is considered a “drug store” brand in Korea. Would I repurchase it? Maybe. I really like the natural look and brightening effect of this product. For at least a couple of hours, it leaves my skin looking quite pretty. I haven’t seen any difference on the whitening and wrinkle care claims yet. I am used to longer lasting foundations though but 5-6 hours may be sufficient for you. While I had no major qualms over this product, I just think it was too expensive. For a drugstore brand, even the $20 refills are a little pricey. This is the first CC cream I’ve tried out so far so I’ll have to see what else is out there. Only time will tell. Sometimes I don’t miss products until I stop using it. Any one else relate?faceshopcc What do you think of CC creams? Have you tried this one out yet? Any recommendations?

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  1. afsana prasla says:

    Nyc review i never tried any CC cream this looks grt nyc result love ur swatches 🙂


  1. Beauty Haul! says:

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