Review: LORAC Pro Palette Review & Swatches


Today I have my newest and recently most used LORAC Pro Palette to review for you today. I finally caved in and purchased it after seeing so many rave reviews for it floating around on the internet.


The LORAC Pro Palette is thinner than the Urban Decay Naked Palettes and also has a large mirror which makes it great to travel with. One of my biggest pet peeves is when there are only a few good shades in a palette. This is not the case here. There are 8 matte shadows on the top row, and 8 shimmery shadows on the bottom row arranged in order from light to dark. Initially, I was concerned about fall out because the the lighter matte shadows seemed a bit chalky and the micro glitter in Champagne seemed a bit chunky.  I was pleasantly surprised though because as I have been using this palette, I have found that all of the shadows are super pigmented, have minimal fallout, and apply/blend beautifully without losing any color. BUT I still would have preferred Champagne to just be a satin shimmer finish with no glitter.

Now let’s talk about value. The LORAC PRO Palette contains 16 eye shadows with 0.02 oz each. It also comes with a primer with 0.17 oz. The most popular and similar product in the market from a comparable brand and price point is the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The UD Naked Palette contains 12 eye shadows with 0.05 oz each, an eye shadow brush, and a primer potion with 0.13 oz. You get more 4 more shades with LORAC but almost double the product and a brush with UD.


While this doesn’t beat out my Naked Palette, if you want to try a new neutral palette and particularly love mattes, this is a great option!

What do you think? Have you picked this up yet? How do you think it compares to other neutral palettes on the market?


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  1. I love this palette! I just got it for my birthday and have only tried some of the colors but I can’t wait to try out some of the darker ones this weekend!

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