Nook Makeover- Faux Reclaimed Shelves

We had this little desk nook in our bedroom that was not only unattractive but it served no purpose. It was made into a make-shift desk from the same material as our kitchen counter complete with a cheap metal keyboard shelf that pulled out from underneath.

It was too small for a desk and was positioned right next to the bathroom door so a chair would just become a nuisance. I considered finding a piece of furniture to put in the space but that could end up being expensive and difficult.

I bought and attempted to install several different versions of floating shelves. They were all failures as they would not sit flush against the wall. If it did, it would start sagging with any weight. I didn’t want to spend a fortune but also wanted to make the space useful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It was turning into a place where we just piled stuff we didn’t feel like putting away.IMG_0009

So I admit, the only sawing I did were the 1/2 inch dowels….and I found it to be difficult. (It just kept moving around!)


The good people of Home Depot cut all of the wood to size for me.


Now comes the fun part. I knew my carpentry skills wouldn’t be advanced enough to produce a finished surface to match our existing furniture. I love the look of mixing old and new woods together. I took a hammer and used chains and nails and gave the wood a little beating to give it some texture and that “worn in” look. I finished it off with a stain and added a curtain on a tension rod to create some additional hidden storage. IMG_0021

Overall, for less than $100, I am pretty pleased with my little project. I don’t think you can ever have too much storage in a condo.



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  1. This is so clever! I might try this to replace the shelves I have holding all of my entertainment devices (dvd player etc)

  2. stacy, I cannot tell you how much I ADORE your phtpograohy! and this beautiful space you have here. I feel excited every time you pop up in my feed with a new post and then inspired every time I visit. you have such a gift in capturing the ordinary and making it appear extraordinary, so very beautiful x


  1. […] with batting and staple gun it all into place. I used an extra curtain I had from when I redid the nook in my bedroom. Pull it tightly and evenly as you […]

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