Three Lipstick Rule


If someone were to peek into my cosmetic bag at the end of the week, it would not be unreasonable for them to think that I carry my entire lipstick collection around with me. For some reason, I have this strange need to carry half a dozen shades with me at all times and end up with enough to wear a new shade everyday of the week. (Confession: I realized this morning when I was looking for a particular shade that I was carrying two of the same ones in my bag). Although I admit I still bend my own rules on occasion, at least starting the week out following the rule of 3 has been extremely effective in eliminating reducing the number of misplaced lipsticks and unintentional duplicates.

The results?  More time, money (for more make-up of course 🙂 ), and precious make-up storage space. All you beauty junkies aficionados out there know how sacred extra storage is.

What are your tips on keeping your cosmetic bag in check? As a frequent offender of over packing, (or effectively utilizing all the space I am given), I’d love to hear your tricks!

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  1. afsana prasla says:

    These three are my favt but now a days revlon lip butter is too famous 🙂 Thanks for sharing love ur post 🙂

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