Bewitching Beauty: Which Witch Are You?


To those around me, it is no secret that in my long list of wants and loves, Disney and Make-up are somewhere at the top. To combine both of these into one product, well this is just Alice in Wonderland all over again! (UD produced an insanely successful palette for the launch of Alice in Wonderland) Naturally, staying true to my  make-up junkie adoring self, I just had to have both.

Inspired by the theme of good witch vs. bad witch, Urban Decay has teamed up with Disney again to produce two insanely gorgeous palettes for the launch of the new movie, Oz The Great and Powerful, in theaters March 8, 2013 and in 3-D might I add. I’m impressed that both palettes are very wearable for day or night and would look good on all skin tones. All of the colors work extremely well together so you can produce a ton of looks. Normally, unless it is a neutral palette, there are always those one or two colors you never use, but purple and green look good on just about everyone.

I’ve broken my review on the Urban Decay Oz Palettes into three separate posts.

  1. Overview and Comparison of the 2 palettes- for those of you who have more self-control than I do and only want to pick up one. (this is the one you are reading now)
  2. Theodora Palette: Review and Swatches
  3. Glinda Palette: Review and Swatches


Each set includes:

  • 6 full-size eye shadow pans in 8 shades. Two of these pans are “duo shades” split in half with a color on each side.
  • Collectible Tin in the Build Your Own Palette format
  • Instruction card on how to recreate Theodora or Glinda’s look
  • Full-size Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Color
  • Travel-size 24/7 pencil


We know we want it. But are you getting your money’s worth?
Here’s the breakdown on what you are actually getting for $49.00:

  • $108 Value- 6 Full Size Shadows with 0.05 oz in each pan
  • $14.25 Value- Travel-size eyeliner with 0.03 oz. A full size with 0.04 oz retails for $19.
  • $19 Value- Full-size lip gloss pencil with .10 oz

     Total value: $141.25  

Don’t forget the tin the eyeshadow pots come housed in feature the Build Your Own Palette interface so that once you are done, or whenever the mood hits you, you can pop out the colors and put in new ones. The BYOP retails for $18 and comes with a Walk of Shame eye shadow and a travel-size brush.

Verdict? STEAL!!


Aside from illustrative differences, both the Glinda and Theodora palettes come in the same boxed packaging. The sleek, tin palettes are housed in the Build Your Own format with a built in home for the eyeliner. The lipgloss that comes with each box does not fit into the tin. If you’re not familiar with the BYOP tins, other than size and shape, it is most similar to the Naked 2 palette. It is easy to open and close and wipes down easily and most importantly, provides maximum versatility. The mirror is generous in size and comes with a protective film covering that you need to remove to use. It does not stay open on it’s own though so if you are using it to do your make-up, you need to keep it propped open with your finger. My big complaint in the packaging is with the lipgloss. It is not self sharpening and I feel like there is so much waste when you have to use an actual sharpener to shave it back to a point.


In true Urban Decay standards the quality is outstanding. Overall, the packaging to the texture, application, and pigmentation of the product itself, are all great. (see my post on the individual Glinda and Theodora Palettes for reviews on each shade) I have mixed feelings on the duo shades. They are a bit annoying to use when trying to make sure you only pick up the color you want without mixing the shades. At the same time, I had a problem with glitter fall out when using these shades that came in the duo format. I am glad I did not get an entire pot of it since it is not something I would use enough, but am glad that it was included to give the palette some versatility in the glam department only glitter can offer.


I love, love, love both of these. I couldn’t choose between the two which is why I picked up both. However, if I had to choose between this and my beloved Naked palettes, I would choose Naked over these just because I love having everyday neutrals. If you are already taken care of in the neutral department, or share the same affinity for Disney and make-up like myself, I highly recommend you pick up one of these limited edition sets while they are still around.





DSC_2382_edited-2 DSC_2360_edited-2

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  1. […] Overview and Comparison of the 2 palettes- for those of you who have more self-control than I do and… […]

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