Valentine’s Day DIY: Burlap Heart Garland

garland heart diy

After taking down all of the Christmas decorations, I couldn’t help but feel that our house felt a little bare. This easy DIY garland for Valentine’s Day was just the extra love our home needed.

garland supplies


An easy way to cut burlap is to pull the string out of where you want to make the cut. I used a 3.5″ x 5″ cardstock as a reference to make sure I ended up with even pieces. When using burlap garland like i did, make sure to cut the finished edges off first so that you can pull a piece of string out every 3.5 inches. I made 5 pieces for my garland.


You should be able to see the gap from where the string was pulled out. All you have to do is cut straight down this gap.


If you want your garland to last more than a season, it is a good idea to seal the edges with no fray fabric glue.


Fold the piece of burlap in half. With the open edge towards you, picture a square on the bottom and cut diagonally through that square starting at the bottom corner.


Fold a piece of card stock in half and sketch out a heart. Cut this out to create your stencil.


Sponge on a paint color of your choice.


Sprinkle on glitter in the same color as the paint.


DSC_1771This step is optional. Lightly spray a coat of acrylic sealer on the glitter to prevent fall out and ensure maximum glitter adheres to the burlap.


After letting the paint completely dry, use a glue gun to adhere the decorated pieces of burlap onto a piece of twine.


Hang and enjoy!

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  1. I love the first image the most- it has beautiful light and very moody fieleng to it. I think you could try cropping it tighter, maybe square, without loosing the feel of the photograph.

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