DIY Framed Wall Planter


I have finally found the perfect solution to cover up the hideous breaker box in our breakfast nook. With wall space limited by a door frame and kitchen entrance, this DIY framed wall planter brings an organic feel to the room that is both pretty and functional.

Materials Needed:
Large Frame
Pipe clamps (home improvement store)
Wire (craft store in the picture hanging section)
Potting soil

wallplanterstep1Be creative! You can paint a background like I did, use wrapping paper or Mod Podge glitter, the options are endless.

TIP: If you choose to paint a background, make sure you use a thick poster board that will not wrinkle when it dries. Then, use an adhesive spray to glue this down to the backboard of your frame.

Select the type and size of jar you want to use. You will want to make sure your clamps will fit around it as well. step3potplants

Pour a 2-inch layer of rocks or marbles into the bottom of your jars. This will help drain the excess water down to the bottom so the roots don’t rot. Also, insert a straw into the jar and pour the soil around it. You can then trim this straw to size so it is just slightly higher than the soil line. This will allow the water that drains to the bottom to evaporate.

Herbs will not work well for this project. You will want to use slow growing plants that do not require a lot of water or sunlight.


Screw your pipe clamps into the board of your frame. I also reinforced this with some wire.  You are now ready to clamp your jars in!


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