Hearts IT Things

Things I heart right now….

sweet clementines

Clementines this sweet in the middle of winter seems so wrong. Why does it make me so happy?

love cloud

What is better than a day at Disney World? Looking up and seeing love in the air!

Deborah Lippmann Glitter Polishes

Glitter nail polishes break all seasonal boundaries. Just seeing them on my nails stirs the girly excitement in me. Deborah Lippmann makes the most beautiful, glitter dense polishes that don’t require numerous coats like most others I’ve tried.

chocolate covered oreos

Homemade Oreos sound amazing enough. But homemade Oreos covered in rich chocolate? Yes please!

Pink Swarovski Kitchenaid Mixer

I spotted this pink, sparkling beauty up on the shelf at DC Cupcakes. A pink, Swarovski crystallized KitchenAid Mixer is what every girl needs in her kitchen.  Now only if I can convince my husband of that…

fence post snowman

An adorable snowman built out of a fence post by my mother-in-law.


Beautiful sunrise picture taken from the car on our drive back from PA to FL. I woke up to this pretty sight and honestly have no idea what State we were in or time it was.

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