Dress Up Your Eyes: Guide to Falsies

Want to look extra special for Valentine’s day? Or how about a fun girls night? Whether it’s
a dramatic eye catching stare or a natural subtle gaze you want;there are lashes for any look, occasion, and budget. Don’t be afraid to dress up your eyes to add that extra oomph and let them be the center of attention!

Strip eyelashes- These false eyelashes come in strip form and you can adhere it to your natural lashes with an eyelash glue. I personally love Ardell 113s. They flare at the outer corners and really elongate your eyes. These are probably the easiest and most economical to use. I LOVE the new KISS lash application method. I was pretty skeptical about using strings looped through invisible holes on each side of the lashes but I tried them this weekend and I highly recommend it for newbies!

Cluster or indivual eyelashes-These falsies come in clusters. You can add these clusters in sparse areas where you need extra volume or add all over for a more dramatic look.These look more natural than strip lashes depending how many you apply but can be a little bit more difficult.

Eyelash Glue- There are many different brands of glue including Revlon, Duo, Kiss to name a few. My favorite glue is Duo (dark-tone) which can be purchased at MAC counters or at your local drugstore.

Eyelash extensions-This can be pricey and time consuming but is the most natural look. Eyelash extentions are placed on your natural lash one by one. I got them done several times and loved the way they looked. They fall out with your natural lashes so they only last for about a month, after that you need to get a refill if you want to mantain the look every 4-6 weeks. Prices vary depending on the salon.

If you are like me and like to use falsies often, stock up online for bulk pricing! I like using madamemadeline.com. 🙂

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  1. thanks for share!

    • Hi Fiona,Yes, you can wear false eyelashes if you have alocipea. It is actually very common for both women and men with alocipea or undergoing chemotherapy to wear false eyelashes. With a proper adhesive, false lashes will stay on all day, until you remove them at night (we don’t recommend sleeping with them on). Hope this helped! =)

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