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There are 10 main design elements that I adore when it comes to home decorating and is pretty consistent throughout my home. (You can see my office design ideas here).  [Read more...]

My bedroom is no exception. I’ve been itching to redecorate our master bedroom for some time now as it is in dire need of it. Our furniture, aside from the mattress itself (which we purchased several months ago after I insisted we NEEDED a king), was purchased by my husband before we were married. It is all a dark wood mahogany finish and quite manly. I’m ready to lighten it up and give it a little face lift and a few feminine touches. I’ll have to control myself for the sake of my husband. I’m embarrassed to admit as well, but we never purchased a new headboard with our mattress and stuck our queen headboard behind the king so it falls a little short in that area as well if you can imagine.

1. Marble Wall Mounted Shelf- The shiny gold hardware matches so beautifully with the white and gray veined marble. This would be perfect anywhere in the house!

2. Scalloped & Nailhead Headboard- I love the shape and simplicity of the scallops and nailhead border. The linen upholstery gives off a comfy vibe that is ideal for a bedroom.

3. Safavieh Outdoor Patio Rug- Being a pet owner, I am a bit hesitant about investing in rugs which tend to get pricey. This one is affordable, cute, and naturally stain resistant since it is an outdoor rug.

4. Threshold Tufted Bench- I always planned on getting some kind of benched seating at the end of our king bed. I think getting two of these smaller sized ones would provide much more versatility than one long one.

5. Mid-Century Task Table Lamp- I know it seems minor, but I prefer lights with a pull chain switch rather than a twist when it is next to my bed. This lamp is so perfectly simple but not in a plain jane way.

6. Mudhut Perdana Nightstand- I love the look of reclaimed would but not always the price tag it comes with. This nightstand provides the same feel for a fraction of the cost. The combination of the rustic wood next to the pillowy white duvet and sleek upholstered headboard makes my heart skip a beat.

7. White Flowers in Mirrored Vase- I would love fresh flowers in every room but that is not always practical. This arrangement in the mirrored vase looks expensive (they’re not) and would be perfect on a dresser or vanity. The silver also contrasts well with the aged gold chandelier (#9).

8.White Pintuck Duvet- I love the clean look of an all white duvet but it can sometimes come off frumpy. The pintuck adds a fun texture and added volume. On a budget? This alternative version from Target is cheaper, but from what I’ve heard, similar in quality.

9. Aged-Gold Chandelier- I let out a gasp when I saw this.  The aged gold is stunning and the first thought that went through my head is, “must have it now”. The gold is the perfect tone and gives off a warm yet glamorous vibe. You can bet this will be in my cart as soon as I find a place for it.

10. Oversized Orange Ombre Throw- In an all neutral room, a pop of color is unexpected yet welcome. This throw is fun yet not over the top since the bright ombre stripes interchange with neutral cream ones. It’s also an outdoor throw so it would be perfect to grab for a day outdoors.


What does your dream bedroom look like?


Jumping into Spring

ikat long jumper 4


Target Surplus Navy Ikat Jumpsuit; J.Crew Panama Hat; Michael Kors Parker Watch; Givenchy Sunglasses; Tory Burch Clutch(similar here); Orly Spring Sugar High- Key Lime Twist Nail Polish; Fergie Shoes; Madewell Ring (similar here); Forever21 Bracelet; Etsy monogram necklace [Read more...]

I have always been a big fan of rompers (the shorts version) and have thought it to be quite flattering on my petite frame. Long jumpsuits however are a different story and I have always found them to be a bit intimidating. Until recently, I never bothered even trying one on because I automatically assumed that it would be too long and overwhelm me. For the most part I have been right, until now. This jumpsuit from Target caught my eye as I was entering the store and I tried it on on a whim. Anyone else have my problem where I enter the store for one thing and leave with multiple bags? I was pleasantly surprised that it fit me (I’m 5′ 3″) perfectly and was so affordable. The snap closure on the neckline avoids an overexposure accident and the cinched waist creates a nice shape. I wore this with a bandeau top for more security since it is a looser fit on top. The fabric is flowy but substantial and perfect for the warmer Charleston spring weather.

longjumpsuit6ikat long jumper 3ikatlongjumper6ikat long jumper1




Morning Ritual: Detoxifying Beauty Smoothie

supergreensmoothie [Read more...]

Saint Patrick’s day is behind us and I still can’t believe April is approaching so quickly. I want the year to slow down a bit yet I’m also excited for the warmer months to come. I’ve somehow managed to avoid the infamous call of the Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s this year and have been indulging my body with a much healthier ritual. I love a good beauty product but nothing is quite as effective as
feeding your body with a cocktail of detoxifying and beautifying ingredients. I start out almost every morning with a super green detox smoothie. I drink it before I eat my breakfast so that I can rehydrate, balance, and nourish my body from the inside out. My recipe makes 2 servings so Will drinks the other one or I save it for a post work out drink. Green smoothies retain all the fiber unlike juices so it takes longer to digest and will keep your sugar levels from spiking.  If I’m running late on time for an actual meal, I’ll swap out the coconut water for almond milk and throw in some frozen bananas, pineapples, and dates for a more filling option. I’ve noticed visibly brighter skin and an increase in energy since I’ve started this little regimen and have been getting a lot of use out of my Vitamix, my favorite kitchen purchase to date.

Super Green Smoothie Recipe: (2 servings)
2 cups chopped kale
2 cups spinach
1 medium cucumber
1/2 lemon peeled
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 cup coconut water with aloe vera juice (I found mine at Trader Joe’s)
2 stalks celery
1/2 cup parsley
3/4 ice cubes
*use stevia for extra sweetness as needed
                                                                                                                                                                    For a filling breakfast smoothie:
Replace coconut water with 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk
4-6 pitted medjool dates (for sweetness)
1/2 cup frozen pineapples
1 frozen banana sliced


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