Getting Organized: Under the Bathroom Sink


It always seems that the the two biggest areas that wreak havoc in bathrooms are the medicine cabinet and under the sink. I addressed these issues a few years back in our former home, but a new house means a new layout, and sometimes, the old way just doesn’t cut it anymore. For one, I had a lot more shelving in my previous master bath. I organized everything in it’s own category in clear plastic shoe containers all lined up pretty on a few rows above the towels. In our new house, there are literally 2 rows of shelves in the master bath closet and they aren’t very deep.  I found that having to fidget with the containers every time I needed something like a band-aid (which is an alarmingly high amount) felt like such a hassle. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but storing the containers the long way meant that I could slide it out about half way and pop the lid up and find what I needed. Having to store it horizontally means that I need to physically walk it over to a counter and then back each time. I realize this sounds incredibly lazy, but for me, it’s more about a working system that gives me the best chance for success at keeping things where they’re supposed to be.

I’m so excited to share with you what I came up with! [Read more…]

I really wanted a system using a container similar in size and shape but one that could avoid me having to remove a lid if possible. I also really wanted to be able to access all the items I needed from one location. By that I mean not walking. At all.  I lived with the existing annoying system for months and then had that ‘Ah-hah’ moment and I proceeded to dump all my flats onto the floor from my closet to put the sliding shoe drawers to the test. 

Let’s start with the materials….

Of course feel free to substitute and make use of what you have. I used what we already had in our house and didn’t need to go out to buy anything new to make this work. 


I tried labeling the bins without any type of backdrop initially but found that it got lost in all of the noise of the contents showing through since the containers are a clear plastic. I made re-useable labels by cutting some decorative scrapbook paper into 2×4 rectangles. I also cut plain white card stock into 1.5×3.5 rectangles so that there was a half an inch of frame on each side.


The white provides a nice crisp backdrop for the letters to pop out against. I “laminated” the labels with clear packaging tape so that I could easily peel and change the categories around as I needed without too much trouble. 


What are your best organizing tips? Please share!

Scallop Hems and Lace-Up Pleats


Gucci Soho Disco Bag/Madewell Sunpleat Lace-Up Top XXS/Topshop Scallop Hem Miniskirt 4 (on sale now!)/Bracelet (sold out- similar here)/Fedora (similar here)/ Target Shoes (similar here)

I’ve been wanting a scalloped white mini for some time now and even ordered one from Bloomies first before I settled on [Read more…]

this one from Topshop. The bloomies version was off the mark on this particular style for the record. I returned it because the quality was lacking and too thin. There’s nothing worse than white bottoms that are see through! I saw the Topshop version at Nordstrom last year but it sold out quickly. Good news though! They’re in stock as of right now in a few sizes and deeply discounted.

The skirt is stretchy and is more forgiving with sizing. I am typically a 0 or 2 at Topshop but ended up purchasing the 4 for additional length after reading that  that they shrunk up slightly. Also, I didn’t have much of a choice because they were sold out of my size and the price was too good to pass up. I figured it would be a easy fix to have a tailor take it in a little if I needed it since the shape is pretty basic. I found it it did stretch out a bit as I wore it through the day so I may still need to do this once I see how it launders.
It’s all about the little details for me so I’ve been all about jumping on board the tassel, scallop, and lace-up trend. Most of the lace-up shirts I’ve tried on seemed more appropriate for a night out. This classy printed version from Madewell is the perfect length for the mid and high rise bottoms I’ve been really into lately.  (Side note: I recently purged my closet and got rid of a pair of Frankie B jeans circa 2007. 🙈) The lace-up part actual stays put without having to be tied into an actual bow or knot. I love the pleated details on the arms and bottom hem and can’t wait to pair this with some black or white denim.  
And finally… the bag. I’ve only had this for a few days now and am obsessed. I’ve had my eye on  Gucci’s Soho Disco bag for a while now and finally took the plunge.  It’s surprisingly spacious and can hold an impressive amount of stuff which is a nice change from a lot of my other cross body style purses. The neutral tan color I picked this up in lends a more casual vibe and goes with literally everything. If I didn’t already have the Saint Laurent WOC in pale blush, I might have gone for the slightly blush shade or even the white one as well. I’ve used this a few times now and it wears incredibly well due to the pebbled texture.  





Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Last Day: Home and Accessories Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Picks


As the final day of the epic sale comes to a close, I wanted to share with you some of my home and ‘other’ picks. Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop because I can always count on a higher level of quality as well as outstanding customer service. These were such amazing deals, I just couldn’t resist picking up a few of these items for myself either. 

Want to see what I picked up? Let’s go!  [Read more…]

  1. Diptyque Scent Candle Set $55 ($75 Value) : I love diptyque candles because they are so fragrant, smell amazing, and burn clean. All in all, better than your average bath & body works candle. Not that there’s anything wrong with those. But you definitely get a little more in quality value for the price difference. I picked one of these up for myself as I have not tried all of these scents and I thought it would be a really good way to do so without committing to a full size version. It came packaged in an adorable box and would make a great gift as well.
  2. Gibson Latte Bowls $19: These bowls are adorable and I have seen them used a lot for food styling/instagram pictures. I passed on these only because we recently stocked up on similar bowls for our kitchen. You can also find them in different colors here
  3. Yay!’ Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 2) $13.90: I actually picked up two sets of these to go into a gift package that I’m making. (I’ll be posting about it soon so stay tuned!) These are so festive and girly, I’m completely obsessed. I also love that they come pre-packaged in a box for easy wrapping. It’s the little things… I originally ordered these, but found that when I picked them up, they were just wrapped in tissue and it made me too nervous to wrap let alone ship. 
  4. Gehwol Biosana Swiss Foot File $14.90: Okay, I realize this one is completely sort of random. But not really? I’m all about self-care and this definitely falls into that category. This popped up as I was browsing through the infinite pages of anniversary sale items in the beauty section. It caught my eye because for one, it was a foot file, and secondly, there were hundreds of reviews averaging 5 stars. Being someone that wears heels often, my feet definitely pay the price. I figured I’d give it a try and ordered it. Every once in a while, the reviews are wrong. Even if its in the hundreds. This is definitely not one of those instances. 
  5. Nordstrom Lingerie Wash $10.90: This is another one of those products that swayed me to order with the great reviews. It came up as a product recommendation for me after I purchased these amazing bras during the sale. I decided to give it a try because I was out of the woolite extra delicates detergent I typically use. A lot of people swear by it so hopefully it is as good as they say it is. Anyone tried this before?
  6. Monogram Bedside Water Carafe $25.90: I’ve wanted these for a while and have seen similar versions at West Elm and Pottery Barn. I always thought the idea was good but a little pricey for something that I didn’t really need. Also, those stores always add an additional price to monogram and ship it which for some reason is enough to keep me from pulling the trigger. I quickly added this to my cart once I realized you can get the monogram and the carafe at no extra charge and free shipping. It doesn’t really get much better than that does it? It was sitting in the guest room unused for a week or two until I decided last night to bring it into our master and fill it with mouth wash and get rid of the ugly listerine bottle. 
  7. Sole Society Cassidy Duffel Bag $45.90: I actually already own this but picked up another one for a gift as well because I found it so useful. It’s a faux leather but still substantial and feels very sturdy. I love the extra details on it including the removable strap and luggage tag. This is the perfect size for me to carry on my own completely packed. There’s also a larger version that is identical to this one with the exception of the size. 
  8. Cedar Shoe Tree $12.90: I picked up a few of these for my husband to use and have heard that they are identical to the Allen Edmond version but at half the price. For some reason, Nordstrom doesn’t have a sizing chart for these but I was able to locate it by scouring through the reviews. Here’s what the sizing reference is listed as on the box:

         Nordstrom Men’s Shop Cedar Shoe Tree Size Chart:
         Small includes:
         5-7 any width       
         8 up to width of E     
         9 up to width of B
         9.5  up to width of AA
         10 with a  width of AAA
        Medium includes:
         9 up to width of EE
         10 with a width of C
         11 with a width of up to A
         12 with a width of AAA
        Large includes:
        12 with a width of AA
        13 unless width is A-D than XL
        XL includes:
        10 with a width of EEE
        11 with a width of E or greater is recommended to jump to XL
        12 with a width of C
        13 with a width of A-D
        14 with a width of up to C
        15 with a width of up to AA
        XXL includes:
        12 with a width of EEE
        13 with a width of E or above
        15 up to width of above AA (not including AA)

Well, that’s all! Until next year! The sale that is…

What were your favorite finds from the #nsale?? Let me know!!


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