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I’ve had my eye on the Chanel quilted boy flap for quite a while now but I’m still not prepared to make the [Read more…]

pricey plunge.  Since I already own a classic flap in black, I’d prefer my next Chanel addition to be in another color. I tend to stick to neutrals especially when it comes to more long term commitments and would love to add a light beige one to my closet. I’m on the fence though because to be quite honest, I’m a little nervous about keeping it clean. I have a Michael Kors saffiano purse in white and despite my extra care, it has been victim to a few pen marks. (anyone know how to get that off?) I came across this one from Rebecca Minkoff recently and was impressed at it’s similarity for a fraction of the price. The hardware doesn’t look as expensive as the higher end designer but my other R.M. purses have held up quite well and are of great quality. Which one would you get? 

In Flight Essentials


Over the years, I feel like I have nearly perfected the art of flying. I try my best to not check any luggage for shorter trips and travel with just a carry-on and a large purse. I now know that I don’t need 2 suitcases for a weekend trip, and have narrowed down my essential must-haves for flying in comfort. Along with a small [Read more…]

cosmetic bag, wallet, and of course iPhone, I keep these items in my large purse that I stow underneath the seat in front of me for easy access.
1. Lipstick Sized Portable Charger– This charger comes in a chic champagne (along with a variety of other colors) and is so small and portable. The best part is that you can charge anything that uses a USB cable. 

2. Memory Foam Evolution Pillow + Small Bag– When you are a frequent flyer, a comfy travel pillow is an absolute must have. This one has a cover that comes off for easy washing and compresses into a small bag for easy transport. It is substantial enough to keep my head in place so that I can catch a few Z’s in the air and there’s even a little pocket for my iPhone.

3. Happy Plugs Ear Buds– I am all about the gold but these chrome silver ear buds are a nice cool refreshing change. 

4. Emi Jay Neon 5-Pack Hair Ties– Having hair as long and thick as I do, I am never without a hair tie. These ones are cute worn on the wrist but also allows me to pull my hair back and arrive at my destination with crease free hair. You can purchase them in a huge range of colors or give a go at making them. They’re very easy to make and the elastic can be found at most Walmarts or craft stores.

5. Smarty-cat shea Infused Lounge Socks– My shoes are the first things to go when I take my seat. I always bring a pair of comfy socks with me to put on so my feet are not only warm, but they are not touching the gross plane floor. 

6. Wildfox Dreaming Of You Sleep Eye Mask– Whether I’m in my own bed or in the air, I always travel with an eye mask. It makes a world of difference in nap quality.

7. Classic Ear Plugs– I never used ear plugs until I was in college and needed them to study. I get motion sickness rather easily so I like to listen to an audiobook or music as entertainment. When I’m ready for some silence, I like to pop a pair of ear plugs in. These ones stay secure in my ears and comes prepackaged in a set of 2 for travel friendly packing. 


What are your must haves/tips for flying? Ready? Set, Share!

Hearts IT! Things

freshsummercutsI spend the most time in the kitchen and these fresh summer blooms make me happy.  [Read more…]

cookiesThe best cookies in town are from King Street Cookies. My favorites are these three: red velvet, classic M&M, and spicy hot chocolate. The overall theme? Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!!


A beautifying book and fresh veggie and fruit plate I’ve been into lately. Dates stuffed with walnuts, hummus with an olive oil drizzle, and plump blackberries hit the spot as a pre or even post workout snack.

dogCreepy or cool? Okay, I admit the eyeballs are a little creepy, but I would still like a Chloe version of this sans the eyeball.


This Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in opal has been my favorite go-to highlighter this summer. It gives the perfect amount of natural looking glow and radiance.

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